John and Jane are soon getting married. They’re ecstatic to start a life together. But beneath the confidence, they’re both a bit nervous.

Both of them want to make the wedding night special for each other. They haven’t told anyone their plans, not even each to other. What’s more is that they also want to make their honeymoon special.

If you’re either in Jane or John’s shoes, don’t worry, these tips will help immensely.

Let’s take a look at what you need to keep in mind on your first wedding night.


Steps For The First Night


  1. You’ll at your wedding party with hundreds of people but remember not to drink too much.
  2. Make sure you’re feeling fine, watch what you eat.
  3. Don’t forget to eat atmidst of greeting people. Only having a piece of cake doesn’t count.
  4. Do not forget personal grooming.
  5. Create the mood. Get some soft lighting, some flowers and décor.
  6. If you’re the bride, get yourself some nice, sexy lingerie. He’ll love it.
  7. If you’re the groom get yourself some nice innerwear too. No need to be shy.
  8. Arrange for some music, preferably romantic or erotic songs you both like.
  9. Keep some food ready. Few things are more arousing than eating a strawberry together.
  10. Keep the massage oil handy and maybe even a few toys.

Some of the best First Night Tips to be followed


  1. Sweep her off her feet and cross the threshold carrying her in your arms.
  2. Start by admiring each other. Tell her how she glowed and tell him how handsome he looked.
  3. Laugh about things. Tell each other how funny it was to see the old lady dance to hip-hop.
  4. Talk about how special it felt to take your vows in ways you both always wanted.
  5. Tell eachother that this is forever, yet again.
  6. Give each other long hugs, they show how much you care.
  7. Hugs also release hormones that help with bonding, and this night is all about bonding.
  8. Everyone loves surprises. So why not give each a surprise gift? Nothing to expensive but definitely something romantic.
  9. Put on the music, dim the lights, undress each other, make it like a fairytale.
  10. You might have to compromise. Beauce, not every plan will sync up, so be flexible.
  11. If this is the first time you’re both getting intimate, do not be shy or nervous.
  12. Give it time. Take things slowly, the night is long, no need to rush things.
  13. Learn how to give an erotic massage. It will enhance your experience like nothing else.
  14. Infact both fo you can message each other in turns, that would truly spice things up.
  15. Go to the fridge and bring out the aphrodisiacs. Chocolate, honey, pistachio, don’t be shy.
  16. This is all part of foreplay and it is the key to an exotic experience. Be it your first or one-hundredth time.
  17. If you’ve been together for a longtime, then try something completely new in bed.
  18. Be creative, pleasure flows both the ways. Please your partner and they’ll do the same.
  19. If it was an arranged marriage and you’ve no idea about your partner’s preferences, do not be shy to ask.
  20. Communication is important, especially if it’s your first time together.
  21. If it’s your first time together, this is an important first-night tip that is  to leave your old baggage behind.
  22. Don’t be afraid to Improvise in bed. This is especially true if this is your first time together.
  23. Get to know each other’s preferences and act accordingly, it’ll greatly enhance your first night together.
  24. If you’ve been intimate with each other then why not try and make it feel like the first time again?
  25. It’s important not to go too overboard, especially if it’s your first time together. No need to embarrass yourself.
  26. Respect your partner’s boundaries. You’ll have your whole lives to expand them.
  27. Do not get carried away. Personal pleasure should not be your primary goal.
  28. Safety is always important. Do not forget to use protection, unless it’s deliberate.
  29. Why not take a shower together, before going to bed?
  30. Lastly, do not keep unrealistic expectations from your partner. That’s the ticket to disappointment.

Now  plan  an exotic honeymoon. Here are the best honeymoon tips.


  1. Make the decision together, but keep in mind each other’s wishes.
  2. It’s you and your partner’s honeymoon, so prioritize both your choices over what others say.
  3. Friendly advice on destinations choices is welcome. But not listening to the ones who act like they know it all.
  4. Don’t listen to your best friends and go to one of the places they went. Your best friends are not you.
  5. Start planning for your honeymoon atleast 6 months prior. It’ll be less hectic.
  6. Consider a mini-moon. Then go for a bigger trip in a few months.
  7. Do not blindly choose one of the popular honeymoon destinations.
  8. Again, your destination does not have to awe-inspiring as long as you both love it.
  9. Take the road less travelled. Find a unique place to visit, just don’t let it be too remote.
  10. Take your time, there is no hurry to pick a spot, think it over, you won’t get another chance.
  11. Surprise each other. Do something special on honeymoon.
  12. Pay attention to each other’s whims and reach a common ground when deciding.
  13. Don’t be selfish, visit a place where you both will get things you love.
  14. One of the important honeymoon tips is to not go for any cheap all-inclusive deals.
  15. Again, cheap packages to popular destinations only sound good. In the end, it’ll seem like a picnic, not a honeymoon.
  16. Book amazing hotels, they are worth it.
  17. Many hotels give special privileges to honeymooning couples. Do take advantage.
  18. Don’t try to do everything. You can’t do everything and will end up ruining the trip.
  19. Try booking an amazing hotel yourself and then surprise your partner.
  20. Do not try to book everything yourselves though. It’s only lead to confusion.
  21. Hire a professional whose job it is to do these things.
  22. Try packing each other’s suitcases. I’ll be a nice surprise and you both can have a fun time.
  23. Once it’s decided. Slowly start gathering the things you’ll need. Long trips take a lot of preparation.
  24. Another important honeymoon tip is to keep all your documents handy.
  25. You can check each other’s documents to see that no one is missing anything.
  26. Do not expect complementary 1st class upgrades when you fly.
  27. Trips are uncertain things and many things can go wrong, do not get disheartened if something minor happens.
  28. Division of labour. Both of you divide responsibilities among each other.
  29. Let someone back home now where you are at regular intervals. This is for safety.
  30. If it’s a foreign trip, its always good know the location of your country’s embassy
  31. Finally, never push yourselves at a position of probable danger.