Marriage is a special thing in everyone’s life. What’s going to happen? How will it happen? You play it in your mind time and again. But as the date get’s closer, nervousness starts making a cozy bed beside excitement and imagination.

First nights are never easy. But things get even more complicated if you’re going for an arranged marriage and you’re a virgin. What to do in your first night? You have no idea, everything will surely fall apart!

But don’t have a panic attack. Here is a list of first night tips.

Preparations on How to do first night ?

1 – After an evening of greeting guests, and standing on your feet you’ll be tired. Stay hydrated and don’t drink alcohol.

2 – Be prepared. For the Indian bride, taking off all that jewelry, makeup and bridal wear will take some time.

3 – Grooming is equally important for both the bride and groom.

4 – Decide if you want to spend the night at home or a hotel.

5 – Get yourself some sexy lingerie. It’ll be a nice surprise.


6 – If you’re the groom, don’t be shy. Get some nice underwear.

7 – If you’re in a hotel, tell them to decorate the room nicely.

8 – Milk on the wedding night is an Indian tradition.

9 – Other than that, keep some fruits and chocolates handy.

10 – Don’t forget the massage oil and lube.


First Night Tips

11 – Carry your bride inside a room in your arms.

12 – This is you’re first night as husband and wife, so things might get a bit awkward.

13 – Break the ice. Start conversing, it can be anything as long as you’re both talking.

14 – Don’t be afraid to talk about the silly things that happened at the party.

15 – Talk about how special it felt to take your vows. =This is what you both always wanted.

16 – Talk about the future, talk about all the things you wont to do together.

17 – Sing each other a song, or dedicate a piece of poetry. Make it romantic.

18 – Arrange for a surprise gift. Because let’s face it everyone loves gifts.

19 – Put on the music, dedicate some songs to each other, build the atmosphere.

20 – Or just lie in each other’s arms and keep talking about your life together and your plans.

21 – Take things slow and steady. Share some food, have a same fruit or chocolate.

22 – Make each other laugh. Laughing will relax you and ease the tension.

23 – Give yourselves a nice relaxing massage after the long hectic day.

24 – Make sure the food you arrange contains some aphrodisiacs. They help to boost your libido.

25 – Initiate foreplay slowly. See how your partner responds, it’s important.

26 – Foreplay is important even if you’ve made love to each other many times before.

27 – If you’ve been a couple for a long time, consider trying something new in bed.

28 – If you try your best, so will your spouse, so don’t be shy.

29 – Again, if you’ve been a couple for a long, try and recreate the first time.

30 – Don’t get too caught up in trying to make it feel like the first time. It might not happen and you both might end up being disappointed.

31 – Safety is important. Do not forget to keep some protection handy, unless you both decide.

32 – Keep your expectations realistic, it’s just about lovemaking.

33 – It might not happen for either of you tonight. You’ll both be tired and even if you tried, it may not work.

34 – It’s perfectly fine if nothing happens tonight. It’ll be memorable either way. Just talk, relax and fall asleep in each other’s arms.

35 – Make love or not, try and take a shower together before going to bed. It’ll freshen you both up and will be fun as well.

An Indian first night


We, Indians do have our share of love marriages. But arranged marriage is still prevalent and popular.

You’re going to send the night and then the rest of your life, with someone you barely know anything about.

So here are some tips to help you smooth things out.

36 – Break the ice. Talk about the wedding, what you liked and what you did not. Ease the tension.

37 – Keep talking, make conversation, ask each other what you’re preferences are.

38 – Don’t be shy or afraid. You’ll be spending the rest of your lives together so no point in acting rigid.

39 – It might get awkward. Don’t worry about it too much. Talk about whatever comes to your mind as long as it’s not too weird.

40 – Don’t be a mute and shy bride. Just because you’re the bride, it does not mean that he has to make the first move.

41 – Be yourself. Don’t pretend to be reserved if you’re not.

42 – Talk about your habits, good and bad. It’s a great way to get to know one another.

43 – Don’t be a bore, if you’re spouse is trying their best to make conversation, meet them halfway.

44 – Talk about what you want from life. It’s another great way to get to know each other.

45 – Talk about the future. It’s going to a future where you’ll do things together, so talk about it.

46 – Remember virginity is a state of mind.

47 – Don’t be paranoid about being a virgin, especially if your significant other is not.

48 – You may have heard a million things about how it feels to make love for the first time. Don’t form a picture of what others tell you.

49 – Don’t forget to talk about the past. Maybe not into much detail for the first night.

50 – Have some of the food you’ve kept handy.

51 – Read each other your favourite poem or sing to each other your favourite song.

52 – Talk about your preferences when it comes to physicality. We all have some.

53 – Leave your past relationships outside the door.

54 – Be vocal about you’re boundaries when making love.

55 – Discuss beforehand how far is too far.

56 – Lead your partner on, tell them what pleases you.

57 – Remember if you go the extra mile to place them, they’ll do a same for you.

58 – Don’t let your nervousness get the better of you. Be free, this is a new beginning.

59 – Don’t think it will be perfect the first time around. It generally never is.

60 – You won’t know everything, you’ll probably mess something up.

61 – Don’t forget to have fun and laugh a little bit, even while making love.

62 – Be flexible, try and adjust to your partner’s preferences as long as they are not unreasonable.

63 – Try something new. It won’t hurt anyone unless you’re too uncomfortable.

64 – Don’t expect it to happen no matter what. It might not. You might not make love tonight.

65 – You’ll both be tired and one or both of you may not want to do it.

66 – Even if you do not make love, don’t fret. It’s not just about that.

67 – It’ll be memorable, even if you do nothing.

68 – Getting to know each other is an important step.

69 – Maybe just take the night, to be comfortable with each other.

70 – You have your whole lives ahead of you. So don’t worry. It’ll just fine.