So the day of reckoning is almost upon you. You’re finally going to marry the woman of your dreams. Maybe you’ve been together for a while, maybe not? It doesn’t matter because no matter what, you can’t keep calm. A new chapter of your life is about to  begin and you, could not be more tensed! One question must be eating away at you right now, what if you mess up your first night with her?

While you ponder the recesses of your mind, scouring for all the things you have to do right, another thought pops into your mind. The honeymoon, that you have planned so meticulously, all the surprises you may have already planned. What if something goes awry? The rest of your life can’t start with ruined plans and mistakes!

Well if you’re in full panic mode and are completely lost, fret not. I have 55 tips to make things easy.

First night tips for groom

  1. Make sure you don’t get drunk. This may be the most important among all first night tips for groom.
  2. Do not plan the honeymoon the next day. You cannot be in a hurry on your first night.
  3. Make sure that you’ve eaten. If you’ve been busy and not fueled yourself, do it as this a very important event in your life.
  4. Consider going for a while without any action, especially if you’ve been a couple for a while.
  5. Of all the important tips in this list, another ‘must do’ tip is, properly grooming yourself.
  6. Ambient lighting, rose petals, incensed candles and anything else you can think of. Show her your romantic side.
  7. Book a hotel room for the first night. Ask them to do special decorations.
  8. Get yourself some designer underwear. Don’t be shy, it’ll be a nice surprise and might even make her giggle.
  9. Make sure you’re fit. Spending a few months in the gym before the wedding does much more than just make you look good.
  10. Show her something new. Why not show her a hidden talent ? it could be anything as long as it is a pleasant surprise.
  11. You can read a nice romantic poem, better if it has been written by you.
  12. Words are powerful and a nice thoughtful conversation can help to elevate the mood.
  13. Talk about the future. You’re not the only one who’s tensed, so make her good and feelrelaxed.
  14. Tell her she is worth it, tell her how excited you are to share the rest of your life with her.
  15. Yet again, words can be powerful, so why not extend your conversation and make it stimulating?
  16. Admire her. Maybe you’ve done it a million times before but do it again, make her feel special.
  17. Another one of the important first-night tips for the groom is humour in conversation. It helps ease the tension of your wedding night.
  18. Why not get a gift for your bride? It would be best if you can make it yourself.
  19. Play some music with sentimental value to both of you. It’s always relaxing to remember the good times.
  20. You may have everything planned perfectly. But your partner has her plans too. So, be flexible.
  21. If she is still nervous after everything you tried, then give her some time.
  22. It’s good to plan everything, but you shouldn’t panic if something trivial goes missing.
  23. Learn the art of arousal. Learn some massaging techniques. A sensual massage can work wonders.
  24. Spice things up. Break out the massage oil or get some dark chocolate, be creative.
  25. If it was an arranged marriage and you don’t know your spouse’s preferences, don’t be afraid to ask.
  26. Another one of the most important first-night tip is. If this is your first time with your spouse, leave the baggage of your old physical relationships behind.
  27. Foreplay is the key. It does not matter if this is your first or one-thousandth time.
  28. If you’ve been with her long enough, then definitely try something new in bed.
  29. Improvise in bed. This is especially true if it’s your first time with her.
  30. Don’t be afraid to be daring in bed. Even if you’ve shared a bed for the longest time, you can always surprise her.
  31. If you know your preferences, why not try a bit of foreplay? Why not arrange for a few toys?
  32. Again, a very important tip is to not get carried away.
  33. Be cautious of her boundaries, especially if do not know all her preferences yet.
  34. Do not expect too much from your partner, keep your expectations realistic.
  35. Safety first. Unless you’re planning otherwise, always keep protection handy.
  36. If you think she is tired…you can keep lovemaking for some other day. She will respect you more for this.

Now let’s talk about the best honeymoon tips for groom.


  1. Do start planning for your honeymoon in advance. It’ll be easier to get bookings.
  2. Consider a mini honeymoon aka a mini-moon and a bigger trip later.
  3. Prioritize you and your spouse’s choice, because everyone will be suggesting places.
  4. Take the road less travelled. Find a unique place to visit, just don’t let it be too remote.
  5. Don’t rush it. Just because it’s a popular honeymoon destination doesn’t mean you’ll love it.
  6. Don’t go to place your best friend and his wife loved. You’re and your spouse is not them.
  7. One of the more important honeymoon tips for groom is to pay equal attention to his spouse’s choice.
  8. Make sure the place you visit has things that both of you’ll love to do. Don’t be selfish.
  9. Of all the tips given about honeymooning, an important one is to never accept any one of the cheap honeymoon package deals.
  10. Book amazing hotels. You can choose one or two yourselves and surprise her.
  11. Surprise her. Scuba diving? A Hot air balloon ride? Plan and book it in advance.
  12. Trying to do everything. You can’t do everything at the same time so don’t plan like that.
  13. However, do not try and book everything yourself. This is another of the important honeymoon tips for the groom.
  14. Hire a planner. Let a professional handle all the booking for you.
  15. Why not pack her suitcase as a surprise as well? Don’t try and pack all her cosmetics yourself though.
  16. Yet another important tip is to recheck all the booking confirmations before the trip.
  17. It’s also very important for you to check all essential documents, both you and your partner are supposed to carry.
  18. Do not get too disheartened if you miss one of the things you had planned. It’s important to keep a positive mindset.
  19. Lastly, it’s to keep yourself and your wife safe. Do not take silly risks or put yourself in a potentially unsafe position. You won’t want to turn your dream vacation into a disaster.

Follow these 55 tips and you should be able to make your first night and your honeymoon the two most memorable events of your life.