The day you’ve been waiting for is almost here. You can’t wait to spend the rest your life with the man of your dreams. It all feels like a fairytale, but there is a feeling at the back of your head, you can’t get rid of. You get nervous everytime you think about it.

It is the feeling that tells you everything which could go wrong on your wedding night. It’s also the same feeling that tells you how your honeymoon could get ruined. Dispare grasps you as you think about it and soon it seems everything might go wrong. What happens if the wedding night of your new life crashes?

Don’t panic. There is no need to overthink things either. Here is a list of 54 tips that will help you clear your fears.

First Night Tips for Bride


1 – Make sure you stay hydrated all evening. Walking around in a wedding gown all evening is no easy task. Your night won’t be special if you’re too under the weather.

2 – Also, if you wanna make your night special, make sure you’re off to your honeymoon the next morning.

3 – Again, have some food, you’ll never be able to be at your best if you’re tired.

4 – Grooming is important. You have a lot more to do than the groom.

5 – Buy yourself some designer lingerie. Make sure it’s not just expensive but sexy too.

6 – Be sure to keep yourself fit. It’ll help you get through the hectic day and still come out energetic and ready.

7 – Keep the important things handy. It important to make yourself nice and clean for your important night.

8 – Let him carry you over the threshold of your room. You’re supposed to feel like a princess.

9 – Rose petals, satin sheets, soft lighting and everything else should be arranged. Let yourself to relax.

10 – Choose some good music. Something romantic and luring.

11 – Let him admire you, feel good about yourself, let loose and admire him too.

12 – Talk about the future and how you’ll always be there for him.

13 -Take things slow, do not rush it. The night is young and you’re in no hurry.

14 – Don’t be nervous, because if you’re nervous he might get nervous too and that won’t help things.

15 – Give him a surprise gift. Something he’s wanted or maybe something that you both hold dear.

16 – Don’t expect things to be absolutely perfect. In real life, there are always variables that might not favor you.

17 – If it’s your first time with him then do not be afraid. Don’t just lie there, respond. Let him know how you’re feeling.

18 – Make sure to keep the lube handy, it works wonders making things much easier.

19 – Communicate with each other, especially if this is your first time with him. Let him know what you want, tell him your preferences.

20 – If it’s your first time, talking about your boundaries is important. You don’t want to make him feel guilty for crossing a line he did not know exists.

21 – Remember, you’re not the only one who is nervous, he is too, so try to make him relax.

22 – Ask him about his preferences too, if he is trying his best to please you, you should do the same.

23 – Leave any baggage from the past behind. This is the beginning of a new life.

24 – Be creative, use some massage oil, eat the same chocolate, at the same time.

25 – Foreplay is Definitely try something new, surprise him, make it special. This is a night you’ll never forget, so don’t be shy.

26 – Improvise with him, be confident and not rigid, give into the moment.

27 – A bit of role-playing might not be so far fetched, especially if you’ve been together but never tried it before.

28 – Take the initiative. Just because you’re the lady doesn’t mean you have to take the back seat. Take command, lead him on.

29 – But don’t get too carried away, it’s a night for you both and not just yours.

30 – Like you, he also has some boundaries, it’s always good to respect his boundaries as well.

31 – Do not have an unrealistic expectation and keep in mind that you might not have orgasm. He’ll be tired too, so don’t get disheartened.

32 – Make it memorable, it’s not all about the physicality, everything you say and do will culminate to make the night special.

33 – Cool off together, take a shower together or if it’s available, take a dip in the swimming pool together, afterward.

34 – Safety is paramount. Unless you’re planning, otherwise prioritize protection.

35 – Take your time to decide the location, a hasty decision never leads to anything good.

36 – Start planning for your honeymoon with time at hand. It will be less hectic that way.

37 – Don’t rush your decision and blindly choose from one of those popular honeymooning destinations. Discourage him from doing the same.

38 – Make your decision together, and give priority to your own whims. It’s going to be your dream trip.

39 – Be selfish about both your choices and choose a place you both really want to go to.

40 – Advice is welcome but in the end, you’ll finish off with way too many suggestions.

41 – Surprise Scuba diving? A Hot air balloon ride? Do something he has no idea about.

42 – Pay equal attention to your husband’s choices. It may be your dream trip, but it’s him too.

43 – Don’t fall into the cheap honeymoon package trap, it’ll be as far from being romantic.

44 – Try booking some great hotels, they’re worth it and you’re supposed to be pampered, so don’t hold back.

45 – You can book an amazing hotel yourself and surprise your husband.

46 – Don’t try to book everything all by yourself though. You don’t want to mess things up.

47 – Hire a professional to take care of all the bookings, someone who’ll give undivided attention to your trip is important.

48 – Plan a surprise for him. Decide on something romantic and tell your planner to secretly book it and only let you know.

49 – Pack his suitcase as a surprise. He’ll probably need help anyway.

50 – Don’t forget to pack the important things like you ids and documents. This is especially important if it’s a foreign trip, as there’s more paperwork.

51 – When you’re there, take half of the responsibilities. This will take the pressure off of him and make things smoother than ever.

52 – If it’s going to be a foreign trip, it’s always a good thing to know if your country’s embassy is anywhere near you.

53 – Don’t be disheartened if everything doesn’t go your way on your honeymoon. There will be unforeseen variables all the time.

54 – Yet again, safety is very important. Do not put yourself or your husband in a position of potential danger. It does not take long for things to go wrong so be safe and enjoy the vacation of your dreams.

Honeymoon Tips for Bride