When it comes to first night preparation, it’s the brides that have all the easy to find options. Women’s lingerie is easy to find and comes in endless variations. In fact, it might even be the case that it was you who got your wife to be her sexy wedding night lingerie.

But what if you’re the guy who’s looking to surprise his lady on your first night? Well if you’re bold and not shy to get a little kinky, then you might find yourself in a predicament. That predicament is where to buy some lingerie for yourself. It doesn’t even have to be a lingerie, it could just be a sexier version of your regular underwear or at least something new?

If  you want to please your lady and are out of options, then do not worry. This list of 21 hand-picked men’s innerwear will help you out. This is a diverse list, that includes the most flash thong for the most gentleman like boxers. No matter what style you’re trying to pull off, this list will have you covered.

So let’s get to it.

First, let’s take a look at the kinky innerwear. The kind that might make your wife gasp in surprise or turn them on, maybe all of the three at the same time. Just choose wisely.

1. EDTara Male Lace T-Back Seductive Transparent Lingerie Brief.


If nicely embroidered see-through lingerie is your thing then this probably will be your weapon of choice. It’s completely white, with intricate designs all over and it is also very much transparent.

It’s made of high-quality nylon and fine craftsmanship, which makes it durable. Be sure of the size before buying, as the product is not returnable.

2. INVERSE Men’s Underwear Men Sexy Transparent Lip Print Lingerie


This is another nicely designed piece of innerwear. It comes in three colours, with contrasting coloured lips printed all over. You have  the classic black with printed red lips on it. Other than that, there is the white base and the red base with red printed lips on it.

A bonus with this product is that it is semi-transparent. This is also not returnable.

3. NewKelly Mens Seductive Lingerie (Artificial Leather, Open Crotch)


There is something about leather and looking sexy. This one is a perfect fit if you’re  trying the “kinky in leather look”.

It comes in black and is  made of artificial leather. It can also be a open crotch when you want it to.

It’s manufactured in China and comes with a promise of quality. Yet again, not returnable.

4. Billabong, Men’s Leopard Print G-string Thong.


This piece of underwear might just make her laugh and stare. It also looks like a great thing to wear if you’re going to  be a Tarzan in the bedroom.

It’s got an  elephant print in the front. Moreover, its leopard printed all over. This one is sure to be unique.

It’s made of polyester.

5. ELECTROPRIME® Mens Y-Bodysuit Mankini Thong


The playful weirdness continues with this product. The mankini as it is called is a Y-shaped bodysuit. It’s basically a transverse strap going across your body, and attaching itself to what might be best explained as, one half of your regular underwear.

It’s probably the most uniquely shaped innerwear on this list.

6. Fancy Steps Men’s Blended Thong (Pink)


It’s pink. With an opening in the middle. This is as  crinkled and unique.

7. Fancy Steps Men’s G-String Underwear


This version of the product is just like the previous one, but in a lower form. It lacks the opening that is present in the previous one. Other than that, it is identical.

Well, the list ends here but not your lust.

8. BASIICS by La Intimo Men’s Red Prime Thong (Cotton Spandex)


A more reserved yet sexy thong. This comes in various colours and is made of a Spandex based fabric.

9. Levi’s Bodywear Men’s Striped Cotton Brief.


This is a comfortable yet sexy product from a trusted brand. Quality will not be an issue.

It’s also got some sexy stripes to enhance its looks. .

10. Levi’s Bodywear Men’s Cotton Briefs


This one is for someone who prefers solid colours rather than stripes. It’s 100% cotton just like  the stripped version.

11. VIP Men’s Frenchie Plus Cotton Brief


The classic frenchie, you can never really go wrong with this design. It gentleman like yet sexy.

12. United Colors of Benetton Men’s Cotton Brief


This one is nice and playful, it comes in a lot of colours and has horizontals stripes across the body. It’s also elastic and thus will fit on nicely. It is made of cotton.

13. Jockey Men’s Cotton Brief


Yet another elegant, single coloured product. Comes in a plethora of colour options.

Made of 100% cotton.

14. SOLO Men’s Checks Outer Elastic Cotton Ultra Soft Modern Stretch Brief


If you’re looking for something extra stretchable, well then look no further. This one is made of high quality elastic and comes in four colour options.

15. XYXX Men’s Micro Modal Brief


If you wanna go for something with some funky patterns and do not want to sacrifice on the comfort, this is for you.

16. Van Heusen Men’s Cotton Brief



Another trusted brand, with  a trusted product. This is another option for those who are looking to prioritize comfort over style on their first night.

Well, if none of this suits you, and you wanna wear the good old boxers to bed. This list has that covered too.

17. United Colors of Benetton Men’s Cotton Boxers


This is stylish and flashy. It’s also got contours. It comes in four different colour options.

18. Jockey Men’s Printed Boxer Shorts


This has nothing special or unique in the style, but it come in a lot of colours  with different prints.

19. U.S. Polo Assn. Men’s Cotton Boxers


100% cotton, good quality and fits nicely, as modern as boxers can get.

20. Jockey Men’s Cotton Boxers


Well, this really is all about the comfort. It’s really got nothing going for it. But this still earns a spot because sometimes you just can’t take any risks.

21. Ocamo Male Sports Long Boxer Briefs Breathable Lingerie


Just when you  think boxers cannot surprise you. Along comes this product and for some reason, it seems like the perfect one to end this list with.

It’s sporty looking, It’skin tight and comes in four colours. This is made of nylon and is breathable. The “oh so” boring boxers, won’t seem so boring any more. That’s the end of the list. The products in this list are not ranked in any particular order of preference.